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Staples - Offers

You can check the weekly ad of Staples and take advantage of lower prices. You can find up to 50% discount. In the ad, you will see different types of office chairs at discounted prices. There are laptops such as HP, Lenovo, Dell with a different type of processor speed. You can also find its accessories such as a keyboard, mouse, printers, and scanners. There are even sales in many software programs. Besides, you can find other office supplies and techs in the add. Additionally, coupons are also available in the ad. Start to browse the most current flyers of Staples and enjoy your shopping for less.

About Staples

Staples is one of the largest retailers in the United States that sells office supplies. It is founded in 1986 in Massachusetts. At the present time, it has more than a thousand stores operating all over the United States.

At Staples, there are all kinds of office supplies from folders to laptop bags, from ink to paper, from computers to scanners, from office furniture to cleaning supplies, from office food and drink to breakroom appliances. Customers can find all their needs for the workplace.

There are services such as printing, shredding, scanning, and recycling of used paper. Services like furniture assembly, office maintenance, cleaning are also available. Additionally, there is technical service such as software installation, virus protection, data recovery, cell phone, and tablet repair.

Staples offers an online shopping service. You can either pick up in-store or have a delivery.

It offers a loyalty program in which all Staples’ customers can register and become a reward member. As they shop, they earn points. Later, they can spend their points at the store or online. There are also exclusive offers and sales for reward members.