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Super King Markets

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Super King Markets - Offers

Here is the Super King Markets weekly ad which is updated regularly. If you want to be informed with the latest promotions and deals, you can check out the weekly ads.

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Super King Market weekly ad is published every Wednesday which lasts for a week.

In Super King Market weekly ad, you can find a wide variety of international food selection at discounted prices like feta cheese, kataifi, El Mexicano Panela cheese, Greek imported kalamata olives, Guerrero tostadas classica, Holland gouda and more.

There are also normal day- day consumer goods that are at unexpected prices. For example, Chips Ahoy cookies, Skippy peanut butters, Planter peanuts, Honey Bunches Oats cereals, Nestle Coffee Mate Original coffee creamer are at the lowest price compared to other markets.

There are also 1 Day Specials at Super King Markets every Wednesday, Thursday and Tuesday.

Every week, you can find special offers from almost all categories; beer, wine, grocery, home essentials, produce, fruits, meat, seafood, and so many more.

All you need to do is check out Super King Markets ad weekly and enjoy shopping for less.

About Super King Markets


Super King Market is a grocery store chain which was founded in 2003, in Anaheim. At the present time there are more than 7 stores in Southern California, including Anaheim, Altadena, Claremont, Glendale, Los Angeles, Northridge, Santa Ana, Van Nuys.

Super King Markets offer the best quality products from all over the world at the lowest prices which is one of the distinguishing competitive advantages.

Super King Market Departments

Super King Market has a wide selection of items and brands. Each location of Super King Market has a slightly different product range. For example; Super King Glendale has more Armenian products whereas Super King Claremont has more Latin and Middle Eastern products. Super King in Anaheim has more Asian products so the product range changes according to community needs in specific locations. Some of the categories that you can find are as follows;

Super King Market Grocery:

There are a wide range of grocery products including frozen, packaged foods, health & wellness, beauty care products, pet food, cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, and so many others. There are different brands and sizes for each item. Customers can find international grocery selections from all over the world; Middle East, Europe, and more.

Super King Market Produce:

There are fresh fruits and vegetables including organic ones at Super King Markets. As fruits and vegetables are procured both locally and globally, seasonal fruits and vegetables can be found all year long. You can definitely find California Grown Peaches, Avocados from Mexico or Southwest cherries in Super King Markets.

Super King Market Mixed Nuts:

Customers can find fresh nuts and seeds straight from harvest. Find pistachios, almonds, peanuts, pine nuts, cashews, and more in Super King Markets. There are also dried fruits, candies, and chocolate treats that are all fresh.

Super King Market Dairy:

Customers can find all kinds and types of dairy products. They can even find dairy free, and Vegan options. For example, customers can find all types of milk including both dairy and non dairy such as cow, goat, organic, cashew, almond, coconut, soy, rice and so many more. There are also organic products.

Super King Market Meat:

There are different cuts of meat and marinated meats as well. Super King Markets offer the high quality USDA meat cuts. There is also special packaging if you are on the move so you can easily pick-up your order.

Super King Market Seafood:

Super King Markets have a wide variety of seafood selection, both fresh and frozen. You can find the best quality seafood from all over the world; shrimp, fresh filets, whole fish, crab meat and more. There are also ready packaged seafood that can be cooked easily.

Super King Market Deli

Deli Trays can be ordered when you host events. There are international deli selections like salamis, hams, caviars, Mexican cremas, cheeses, and more. Therefore, you can choose from this wide selection of charcuterie, cheese and other delights.

Super King Market Bakery

It is where you can smell and buy fresh made delicious cookies, croissants, bagels and muffins. There are cakes as well for any occasion like birthday, anniversary, graduation. There are international tastes like lavash, pita breads, tortillas, chips and more so you can find the tastes back in your country at Super King Markets.

Super King Market Liquor, Wine & Beer

Super King Market has a separate corner for a wide selection of wines, beers and liquors, called Shop SK. There are brands from all over the world at affordable prices. There are also luxury high end premium brands that you can spoil yourself and your friends at your birthday or during Christmas. You can also shop online; and have a delivery to your doorstep or in store pick-up.

Super King Market Online Shopping

Online shopping is available at Super King Market which is operated by Instacart. Either delivery or pick-up options are available. You can choose your delivery time and date which can be even in a couple of hours. The payment can be done by credit or debit card.

Super King Market Hours

It usually opens at 7 am and closes at 9 pm. This can vary according to religious and federal holidays. Hours can also vary according to a specific store location.

Super King Market Gift Cards

Super King Market gift cards are also available with minimum $5 purchase. When you are invited to a dinner at your friends’ house, it can be a good gesture to buy gift cards from Super King Market. Super King Market gift cards can also be purchased as corporate gifts to employers.

Super King Markets Recipe Blog

There are great recipes so you do not need to think about what you are going to cook tonight. You can shop all ingredients at Super King Markets and cook delicious recipes for dinner e.g. simply braised lamb, stuffed green bell peppers, or bake delicious sweet pastry like cinnamon roll buns.