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    If you want to enjoy your food for less, you are on the right page, just check the weekly circular of the Walmart, below. You can also find household products, gardening tools and even bicycle at discounted prices. It is one of the stores that you can find unmatched prices compared to market so don’t miss its great deals! Save some money without limiting your needs. When you order online and agree to grab it from the stores, you pay less than home delivery. Therefore, check the amazing price on the ad below and start your shopping directly!

    About the retailer - Walmart

    Walmart is one of the largest multinational retailers, that was founded in 1962, in the US. This giant multinational has more than 11,300 stores and located in more than 27 countries. Walmart attracts millions of people each week by selling low-cost products.

    The stores are settled in different formats according to the location. Walmart, in the US, can be found as;

    • Supercenters; which have many other stores inside the centre like a pet shop, pharmacy, bakery and fast food outlets. You can even find a fuel station. You can find everything in one place at low-cost.

    • Discount stores; which mainly focus on general merchandise and include fewer groceries in the store. You can also find other stores inside this big discount stores such as pharmacy, optical centres, photo studios.

    • Neighbourhood Market; which mainly focus on selling food. They are small groceries.

    Walmart stores are located within close proximity to the residential areas. 90% of the population can go in 20 minutes to the closest store.

    The e-commerce website operates in the US and in other countries that there is an interest in online shopping. The Walmart app is also available for its US customers which they can order easily from their mobile.

    The payment methods are adapted to today’s technology; which is easy, and quick. Either you can use an electronic wallet or debit/credit card to pay. There is also Scan & Go service in the stores which you can enjoy your shopping without even stop and waste your time at checkout.

    Walmart has subsidiaries such as jet.com, Hayneedle and also manufactures its own private label brands to be sold in its stores.