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Weis Markets - Offers

Here you can find Weis circulars. There are weekly and monthly circulars where you can find thousands of grocery products at amazing prices.

In the Weis weekly ads, you can find fresh produce, fruits, meats, and seafood at unexpected prices so you can easily save on your weekly food shopping. Each meal will cost you less so you can enjoy your family gatherings more.

There are sale promotions like ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’, ‘Buy 2 Get 2 Free’, ‘Buy 4 Get 1 Free’ where you can enjoy products that you shop regularly at reduced prices. For example, there are ‘Buy 2 Get 2 Free’ promotions on 6 ct. bottles of Coke, Pepsi, Canada Dry, and 7 UP; ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ promotions on Herr’s Snacks, Lay’s Chips, Martin’s Kettle Chips, Tortiyahs, Utz Chips, and Wise Snacks.

There are eCoupons e.g. $4.49 Hellman’s Mayonnaise is reduced to $3.49 with eCoupons.

In the Weis monthly circulars; you can find almost 10,000 items at lower prices from all categories. You can find cleaning products like ‘Purex’, ‘Persil’, ‘Clorox’, ‘Down’, ‘Tide’, ‘Pampers’ or ‘All’ at lower prices.

Just start to browse the Weis circulars and start saving on your grocery shopping. Saving is really easy with these sale ads. All you have to do is to check out the weekly ads and monthly ads, regularly.

About Weis Markets


Weis Markets is a family-owned supermarket chain, serving in the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, Virginia, and Delaware. There are almost 200 stores operating right now.

At Weis Markets you can find categories as follows; pet supplies, apparel, arts, entertainment, baby, toddler, beverages, electronics, food, health, beauty, home, garden, office supplies, toys, games, and vehicles’ parts. It has a wide variety of product range from all categories.

Additionally, Weis Markets provide online party trays, floral arrangement, and pharmacy service.

Weis Hours

Weis Markets’ hours of operation are from 7 am to 9 pm but this can change according to each location. There can also be changes during holidays.

Weis Markets Own Brands

Weis Markets has its own brands which are available at all locations. These brands are as follows;

Weis Quality - There are thousands of products from categories such as bakery, dairy, deli, frozen food, grocery, meat, seafood, produce, pasta and so much more available under this brand.

Weis Signature Quality - Premium products are served at the best possible prices under this brand.

Weis Fresh From the Field - The freshest produce and fruits are served under this brand.

Top Care - It offers the best quality personal care products at the lowest prices. It aims to use the same ingredients as the best-known brands but sell them at lower prices.

All these brands are designed to serve customers with good quality products at affordable prices.

Weis Markets Pharmacy

At Weis, Market pharmacies offer so many different services which make patients' lives easier. Services that you can find are as follows;

Manage Prescriptions

You can sign up for a free prescriptions refill program and order your refills online. The account will remind you when it is time for a refill. If you allow automatic refill, your refill will be ready to be picked up so this way you don’t need to think about or remember your refill date each time.

When you are going to take your prescriptions, you can let the pharmacy know that you are on your way so your prescriptions will be brought to you, outside the pharmacy.

Immunizations & Vaccines

Flu shots are available at all locations so you can have them by walk-in. There is availability to schedule it prior to your visit as well. Flu shots are free mostly for all insured patients. There are also immunization services in which you can consult your pharmacist for any vaccines you would like to get. This is also covered by insurance programs, including Medicare parts B and D.

Additionally, Covid - 19 vaccines are available at almost all locations. There are free Covid - 19 tests over 9 years old available at some locations as well.

Pet Medications

Pet medications are also available at more reduced prices so it is better to shop from pharmacies instead of veterinarians. Pharmacists can also contact your pet’s veterinarian for further information about medications.

Prescription Discounts

Free multivitamins are available for kids under 7 years old. Therefore if you take a fluoride prescription from a pediatrician, your kids can receive a one-year free supply. There are discounts on some of the generic drugs. Weis Markets also has partnerships with Scriptcycle which helps patients to save by offering alternative drugs at lower prices.

Pick Up & Delivery

For online shopping “Weis2Go Online”, you need to have a My Weis account which is free for everyone. You can check out if there is delivery available to your address by simply entering your zip code.

You can schedule your delivery or pick-up time according to your schedule. Delivery and pick-up are usually from 09:00 to 20:00. It does not usually take more than 4 hours for your order to be ready.

If you make your order through Shipt, you can have your order much quicker, usually in one hour.

There is a minimum order so your order should cost more than $30. There is also service for delivery; $10 and for pick up; $3.

Your pick-up orders can be brought to your car if you call before your arrival. There is a designated place for pickup; follow “Weis 2 Go Online” signs.

Note: Alcohol, tobacco products, party platters, specialty cakes, and prescriptions cannot be ordered online.

Rewards Program

You can join Weis Rewards for free and start earning points for all your purchases. You can earn 1 point for every $1 spent and double points for every $100 worth of gift cards. You can redeem points for grocery shopping or gas purchases. Your account can be linked to your family members’ accounts so points can be accumulated.

There are also eCoupons that can be loaded to your Weis Club account and can be used online.

Weis App

Weis Markets app is available on both Android and ios.

Apps give you access to do everything that you can do on a website. Some of the features of the app are as follows;

  • There is online shopping, both delivery and pick-up options available.

  • Manage your My Weis account e.g. viewing your purchase history.

  • Find the nearest store to you and view specific information about that store.

  • Easy access to weekly sales and eCoupons.

  • Create your own shopping list and share it with other family members.

  • Be inspired by thousands of recipes on the app.